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MSP Open Days 2010 – Hyderabad

on October 24, 2010

I attended MSP(Microsoft Student Partner) open days at Microsoft, Hyderabad on 22 Oct. If you ask how was that then in 1 word I would just say Awesome, be it the Tech Sessions or the Campus visit or the T-Shirts or the Video lectures or the entire journey to reach the campus from the railway station.

We reached by train to Secunderabad early morning on 22nd.  We spent about 5 hours in the bus during the whole journey.We changed 2 buses and 1 auto to reach the destination which was 30 KM from the station. But anyways we managed to reach there on time…or I should say before time…almost 1 hour before…The first thing which we noticed from the highway was the bigggg… banner of Visual Studio 2010 stretching across the entire building. It said “/*Life runs on code*/“. Unfortunately could not get the photo of it.

Then we entered the campus and registered against our names. The buildings and the greenery at the campus were great. Finally we entered the building were the orientation session was to take place. When we entered in the building there was absolute silence…I could even hear my footsteps.  We met the other MSP’s too and had a talk with many of those techies. One interesting thing I saw was that almost all MS people were in casuals and some were even in half pants and wearing headphones…great 🙂  Then at around 10 am Mark sir started the session.

The first session was about the MSP program and we were given the details regarding the tasks to be performed during the probation period and after it. Then there was a session on Testing capabilities and automation using Visual Studio.  We then got to know how important is to test the software you build and most importantly test it efficiently and using the limited time and resources. Then we had another session by old MSP’s on Microsoft WebMatrix demonstrating the small and simple way to build powerful Web sites by using the Razor Syntax facility provided the WebMatrix. After that we had lunch and got the chance to interact with the Program Managers, Developers and User Experience designers from Microsoft. We asked all kinds of questions to them related to the products, the teams they work with, how and why they joined MS and even managed to get an insight about what they look for in a candidate during the interview.

After lunch we had another interesting session on User Experience(UX) by Eric Brown and Louis Kurabi who are the researchers  from Redmond. They told us how UX was becoming an integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle. They told us how the teams need to work closely with the users to understand their needs.

After all these sessions we got the chance to go to visitor center. It had all the gadgets one can hear about from MS. Microsoft Surface, Xbox 360,  Windows 7 Tablet PC’s, Windows Phone and more whose names I can’t recollect. Then we visited the entire campus. The campus was truly very natural(just like the natural interfaces :-)) and amazing. It had tennis and basketball courts, cricket ground, numerous canteens etc apart from the great working environment, server rooms, email rooms and all.

So enjoyed and learnt  a lot……:-)


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