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Microsoft Student Partners

on October 13, 2010

Microsoft Student 2010 (MSP) results are declared and I am selected as one of them. 6 new MSP’s are selected from Nagpur. We all are looking forward to work with the existing MSP’s in creating awareness about the latest technologies among the students by conducting sessions and many events including Dreamspark Yatra.

Today we had an informal meetup of all the MSP’s from Nagpur and we got to know what they had done in the past 1 year and we hope to even perform better this year. I will be updating the details of all the activities and events on the blog and you can also check out Nagpur Users Group(NUG) website for details.

This month I will be attending MSP Open Days in Hyderabad which is scheduled on 22 Oct along with my colleague Hrushikesh. We will get the opportunity to meet and interact with Microsoft Academic Team and we’ll be getting further details about the program. And I should not forget to mention the goodies too.


6 responses to “Microsoft Student Partners

  1. vijay says:

    hey dude.. im also selected as a msp.. do u know where to find the other msp in our area or locality. i mean the newly selected members..

  2. sajin hentry says:

    hi dude….i got selected as msp in this year,,and i ll b cmng to hyderbd on 22nd..hope we can meet up ……

  3. Aditya says:

    dude am really pissed off ,am selected for this year’s msp program but accidentally i have an exam tomorrow..need to definitely attend for that…so this time to attend the meeting wont be possible for me…so will they wont consider me if i wont attend the meeting? or its fine to attend the next one? please let me know…

    • snsatyendra says:

      Don’t worry aditya…it was not compulsory to attend the Open Days…There will be a Online Meet in November for all those who were not able to come…You will continue to be the MSP…just take the probation period seriously…n complete the tasks given in the welcome email by 12th Jan.

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