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Final Year Project Decided

on October 4, 2010

At last after 1 and half month of discussion we have finally decided about our final year project. I am a part of 5 member team which includes Saurabh, Gourav, Hrushikesh and Lalit. It took almost 5-6 meetings with our mentor Mr Irfan Khan of Persistent to finalize what we should do in the project.

So now we are working for creating a solution on agile methodologies.We call it as SCRAGIL. We will be creating a web application which will be can be used by software developers to keep track of their work and thus finish the assigned task well within the given deadlines and that too with efficiency. The application could be used by multiple teams simultaneously and will provide them with reports and dashboards to provide a quick overview of all the pending work (which we call as backlog items) and the work thats completed. It will also show the performance of each team member.

Regarding the current progress of the project, we have already finalized the features to be provided and are ready with the use cases, classes and the database schema. The technology which we will be using Β is yet to be finalized. But may be within a day or two it should be clear.

And yes …we will again try to make sure that this project as successful as our previous projects.


3 responses to “Final Year Project Decided

  1. manvendra singh rathour says:

    hey man..very well explained..but yar also tell wht are agile methodologies..m unware f dat..

  2. Irfan Khan says:

    Cool blog, keep it up πŸ™‚

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