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When I Troubleshooted my slow system

on July 18, 2010

Have you ever had the problem of your windows system being slow, explorer crashing, high CPU and Memory usages, appearing of some unknown files and folders ??

These problems might occur at many times with your system…but at most of the times the culprit is not the OS but the way other programs and users use the system. Recently I was having problem of a really slow working on Windows 7. It may sound weird since Windows 7 is really faster then its predecessors but yes, I was having the problem.

I first thought that a system restart might help but to my disappointment it didn’t. Then I tried to uninstall the useless stuff from my system but I could not get the culprit. Then I thought of Reinstalling the entire system but then I had to backup all my data…a very hefty task. So I decided to search it out if someone had the same problem.

While searching I came across a very interesting blog by Mark Russinovich. He covers topics such as Windows troubleshooting, technologies and security. Then I came to his article “The Case of the Slooooow System“. It was something I was looking for.

I will not tell further how I solved the problem since the steps I followed were exactly the same as described in the above link. The thing which I want to share is that through this article I actually learned how we can approach to solve the problem. And if you are also into troubleshooting any Windows System problem then you must definitely see the Mark’s blog.

So happy troubleshooting for now…


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