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Imagine Cup 2010 Touch and Tablet Accessibility Result

on June 2, 2010

Results of Imagine Cup 2010 were declared today. Team OneView and Note-Taker from US were selected to be the finalists in Touch and Tablet Accessibility awards. Our team was not selected in the finals but we hope to do much better next year and will try our best. Here are the results:

As the semifinalists of ImagineCup 2010 we have got free access to MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center . We have been provided with all the professional developer tools like Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7(x86,x64) Professional, Surface SDK, SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise(x86,x64), IT Academy Pack, XNA Online Subscription and many more.

Apart from this we had got the opportunity to do something which provided us the global exposure and we will continue to be part of this competition from now. By the way, here is the video demonstrating the Team OneView’s project:

I will be also providing the links to videos of some great projects which were part of Imagine Cup.


2 responses to “Imagine Cup 2010 Touch and Tablet Accessibility Result

  1. Manisha says:

    d thing u al hv done,z still remarkable
    v al r proud 2 hv u n ur group z our mates

  2. snsatyendra says:

    Thanks Manisha 🙂

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