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Starting with WPF …

on May 24, 2010

The Windows Presentation Foundation is Microsoft’s next generation UI framework to create applications with a rich user experience. It is part of the .NET framework 3.0 and higher.

It combines application UIs, 2D graphics, 3D graphics, documents and multimedia into one single framework. Its vector based rendering engine uses hardware acceleration of modern graphic cards. This makes the UI faster, scalable and resolution independent.


I have been working with WPF for almost one and half year. So anyone who would like to get started with this new technology please read on. Well , I will not be writing the content myself but would be providing the resources and the articles which have helped me a lot in understanding WPF. I believe that the original author can make the concept more clear than me explaining the same thing. So here we go…

  • To begin with what actually WPF is I would like you to go through the Christian Moser’s blog which was the first online resource which I came across when I started with WPF. The blog also covers many advanced topics related to WPF like Data Binding, Performance, Animation etc.

  • The following link to Mike Swansons blog provides some tools which make working with WPF more easier and fun.

It lists some great software’s like Expression Blends along with the third party 3D object creators and more…

  • WPF Wonderland is another great blog which lists some of the advanced and most used features of WPF.

  • Microsoft expression gallery is the official site of Microsoft Expression Products which includes Expression Blends, Design, Encoder ,WEB etc. It provides a number of links and samples on WPF and silverlight and you should definitely check it out.

I will be updating the list in my next blog post …So do check it…


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