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6th in Open Software at IIT Kanpur

on February 16, 2010
Our team got 6th rank in Open Software organized by IIT Kanpur. We had created a SamStn which is a remote system administration tool. The response of judges and the visitors was great. They told us to contact microsoft for the project extension. We will definitely try to contact them as soon as possible.
All of you can freely download the setup from the here below and have a test run.
SamStn requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to be installed on the machine. Download it from here.

Before you start using SamStn note that :

* We are not providing the support for Windows XP because 0f some compatibility issues of some components. It is fully supported on Windows 7 and Vista.
* The memory and processor usage might be high when running SamStn since we are still in the process of optimizing the code.
Leave your comments about the SamStn and its features.

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