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Won 2nd Prize in YCCFest

on January 29, 2010

We won 2nd prize in the software exhibition organized at YCC today. We had created SamStn, a remote system administration tool which could monitor a standalone system or a group of systems over a network through LAN and WiFi. Below is the snapshot of the software.

Our team consisted of 5 members:

1. Satyendra Singh Naruka

2. Saurabh Maheshwari

3. Hrushikesh Zadgaonkar

4. Lalit Thawrani

5. Gaurav Agarwal

The program has the following features:

* Support for Windows XP and later

* Windows 7 and Vista compatible Glass UI

* Network support through LAN or WiFi

* Administering the systems over network from a single system

* Getting the complete system details for all systems

* Remotely deploying applications and maintaining them

* Rich scheduling features and backup support for all systems

* Managing local and remote services as well as processes

* Accessing the Windows features and hidden settings in an easy way

* Complete help provided to the user at each and every step

Well this is only the short description what the SamStn is all about. I will be shortly uploading the video demostration of SamStn with more details about it and will provide a download link to it.


One response to “Won 2nd Prize in YCCFest

  1. hrushikeshzadgaonkar says:

    Congrats !

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