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My First Seminar

on December 6, 2009
            Today, we the open source coordinators including Me, Saurabh, Hrushikesh, Gaurav and Kanan conducted the first seminar of the second year students. The seminar was on installation and configuration of the linux operating system.
            Before the seminar I was quite nervous as it was my first seminar and we didn’t had any time for the preparation also. But when it started the things went relatively more easy. We began with some basics of disk partitioning and partitioning layout used by Windows and Linux. Then I demonstrated how to configure the partitions for installing Linux(Fedora) from the Windows Disk Management. We also told about the BIOS configuration and the precautions one should take while installing Linux on Dual Boot with Windows, as most of the 2nd years were new to this OS. We explained the various steps required during the installation after booting the computer from the DVD.
            While the Linux packages were being installed I told them about the most simple and favorite linux distro Ubuntu. Then I gave a demo of Ubuntu installation under windows using wubi. Most of the students preferred this method as it did’nt involved any complex procedures.
           After this I gave a demo about installing proprietary drivers under ubuntu which are not available under Linux by installing the graphics driver on my laptop.
           Most of the students who had used windows were not at all comfortable using the applications provided by linux. So I decided to show them the installation of Windows software on Linux, using a tool called Crossover. I showed them the installation of Quick Time Player on Ubuntu.

           Overall , the seminar was a great, for us as well as for the 2nd year students too. We will be conducting more such seminars in the future too ….

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