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5th Semester Project Completed Successfully

on September 29, 2009
Today we completed our 5th semester software lab project. My team included Saurabh,Lalit,Sandeep and of course me.We named our project as Westra. Nothing special in name. Just a random one !!!

WESTRA is a student information management system which is basically a record keeping system. It allows administrative department of an educational institution to collect accurate and comprehensive student information. It allows authorized users to access the system by typing a valid username and password. It also enables to enter the details of new students joining the institute. It provides facility to modify the records of existing students and delete the records of student that have left. This application provides an interface using Java Swings and uses Java Database connectivity (JDBC) for establishing connection with the student database. It also provides an email notification to any newly registered student with the complete details.

During the project development we learnt many new things about working with Java. We faced several problems some of which are:

* Displaying images on a form
* Storing the images in database without losing their quality
* Retrieving the images from database and displaying it on form(I must say that this was the main      problem which took a significant amout of time)
* Sending a notification email to student.
* Validating the filled data.
* Working with netbeans form designer(This was another problem of main concern. The controls were to be placed in a correct manner in the form and if any mistake in determining the position then all the other aligned controls are just displaced.)

……. and more such problems. The list is just endless.
For solving the problems we used various forums which included Java Users Group Nagpur and Forums of sun microsystems on java. These provided a great help for implementing certain features in the project.

Chandak sir also appreciated our work and gave us the further idea of how it could be modified to be implemented at the department and the college level, so that the paper work associated with all these things is totally eliminated.

Well after the end of our exams we would be definitely trying to implement all his suggestions and will give our best so that the project gets implemented at the college level.

These are some screenshots of the project…

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