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Windows 7 vs Vista

on August 24, 2009
              Finally windows 7 is here. I have been using Windows 7 from the last 3 days and want to make a small comparison between vista and 7. I typically use my Laptop for programming(Visual Studio .NET), application designing(Expression Studio), Multimedia(Flash, Photoshop, Video editing, Web designing) and of course Gaming(typically NFS). So all these programs are always installed on my Laptop and yes they are really resource consuming. In this article I have tried to provide a benchmark between the two windows versions. I was previously using windows vista but after seeing the features and performance offered by 7 i simply could not resist upgrading to windows 7 and bet same for the readers too.
Basically my configuration is:
  • Intel Core 2 duo processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 250 GB HDD
  • NVidia 9200M GS 512 MB GPU

Here are the diferences which I noticed while running vista and 7.
1. Memory usage after installing all the above programs:
                       Vista:   Around 2 GB
                       7      :   Around 1.2 GB
2. Average startup time:
                       Vista:   I can’t even recall(it took large time!!That’s why I used to keep it in sleep or hibernate mode)
                       7     :   Roughly less then a minute
3. Time taken to install visual studio 2008 Professional:
                      Vista:   About 2-3 hours(Not to mention the number of times I had to restart the setup because it just stopped responding). Then 1 hour more for installing updates and service packs.
                      7      :   At most 1 hour for completing both setup and installing service packs !!!
4. New features such as Aero peek, Aero shake, Jump Lists, Library, Action Center and more are just amazing and very handy in organizing the windows workspace.
        Well I still don’t have experienced the multitouch capabilities of 7(simply because I don’t have a tablet PC) but still I would try to have a glimpse of that. It look’s really exciting in the videos!!!.
I must say a great(est) release from Microsoft!!!

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