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Front End vs Back End

on July 31, 2009
Today in our java class there was a discussion whether or not only back end and its logic is important in current scenario. I not at all agree with this. In today’s scenario of evolving interfaces and front ends it is not that only the back end are important. Front end are equally important. Let me begin with my understanding of the description of both the technologies.

Back End:
Back end refers to the server side where all the data associated with the particular operation of the user is stored. It is the place where all the application logic resides. It forms an important part of any system. Generally the data is stored in the form of tables and it ranges to many gigabytes or tetra bytes.

Front End:
Front end refers to the client side. It is the front end with which the end user interacts and makes requests. The front end should be simple but yet effective so that the end user does not have any problem while accessing of modifying the information at the backend. In short the reliability, functionality, speed, dependability of the Back End depends on the Front End. Then how can we say that the Front End is not important.
Let me give an example which I myself learned during my training at Infocepts. The data in a backend is in the form of tables where each table in a typical scenario contains thousands and lakhs of rows of data. The end user is only concerned with the data relevant to him/her. He/she is not at all interested to see these lakhs of rows of data. Now if we provide the information to the user without using a well defined Front End what use will it be to the user. He’ll simply say that the system is not at all reliable. So the data is to be organized. If data is large then we can even use graphs and reports which can be easily understood by the end user at a glance.
It was also said that the work at Front End is nothing as compared to backend. Now let me justify my stand that it is equally important (and sometimes even more):
With the advancement of technology and the task of making the technology easily accessible to the users, the interface of applications has come a long way. Some 20 years ago Command Line systems were common. Then came the GUI to the rescue of common people trying to become familiar with these technologies. The data was organised in the graphical view and rather than writing the commands for accessing data the users simply had to provide response using some devices like mouse or keyboards etc.
This evolution did not stop even here. The front ends continued to evolve. Then came the naturalness to the front end applications. They natively began to recognise the voice. This was termed as speech recognition. Now the users had the ability to control the systems with there voices. Now users even didn’t had to write the things or press buttons.
And here comes 2009 when the Natural interfaces of applications are going to change how the applications are looked and perceived by the users. The users can use Multitouch applications and front ends along with the speech recognition. In the coming years and decades the front end will actually be taking the more natural form. May be next in the line is just think and your work is done.


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