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Integrating Windows XP SP3 to the Installation Disc

on July 28, 2009
I have already discussed how to create a bootable windows xp CD. But what is the use of creating the same old copy. You already have one. So in what way the new CD differs from the Original one. We can add updates and service packs to the installation cd so that whenever you next time reinstall windows everything is automatically updated. And that’s not the end. If your computer has certain devices for which Windows XP does not have device drivers than you can even integrate those device drivers to new installation CD. And not only device drivers some software’s can also be integrated and can be made to install automatically without any user input (silent install). Also you can integrate your settings about how various settings should work after you install windows. You can even make a silent windows XP installer i.e. you do not have to sit before the computer till windows is installed. You can integrate the partitioning layout, key, Date and time, Administrator password and other network settings to the CD itself so that you do not have to manually enter them at the time of installation. All these will be dealt in separate articles. This article will deal with integration of updates and service pack to the CD.

Here it is assumed that your original windows XP CD is having at least SP1 (Service Pack 1). If not then SP3 cannot be integrated to the above CD. First you have to integrate SP1 or SP2 and then only you can integrate SP3. So use a disk which has at least SP1. If you will try to integrate SP3 to a CD which is not having even SP1 then the integration will fail.

  • Copy the contents of your windows XP installation CD (Original) to the hard-disk in a folder say C:\WinXP.
  • Download latest windows XP service pack (now SP3) from Microsoft’s website. If in ZIP format than extract the EXE and keep it on C:\ drive. Rename the EXE to something simple like SP3.EXE.
  • Open command prompt and navigate to C:\. Now type SP3 .exe /integrate:C:\WinXP.
  • A window will appear showing you the progress of integration and after the integration is complete a message saying “Integrated install completed successfully.” will appear.
  • Now C:\WinXP is up to date with service pack 3. You can download more updates (which were released after service pack 3) and use the same procedure to integrate them to C:\WinXP folder (just remember to replace name of SP3 with the name of update).
  • You can now burn the contents of C:\WinXP to a bootable CD as discussed in previous article.

You can use a free software nlite ( to automate this process. In addition it also provides silent installation, tweaks during and after installation, removal of unnecessary components etc


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