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Windows 7 Features – XP Mode

on July 26, 2009

When vista was released many existing applications of Windows XP faced a compatibility issues with it. This proved to be a major hurdle in various software companies not migrating to Vista.

Now the Microsoft is trying to learn from its previous mistakes and is making sure that the same is not repeated with Windows 7. And yes the software gaint has fulfilled its commitment. I am talking about the XP mode of windows 7 which is one of the most prominent features.

Now what actually this XP mode is ???

At first it looks a slightly updated and modified version of Virtual PC 2007 hosting an XP Virtual Machine. But lurking beneath the surface here, however, is a vastly enhanced version of what VPC called “Virtual Machine Additions.” With “Integration Features,” there’s a new, if limited, channel of communication between the Win7 host and the XP guest. One of the topics of discussion between these two parties is the changes that are made to XP’s copy of the System Registry.

Those changes are often made on account of programs being installed, so the new Windows Virtual PC hypervisor monitors for those changes and takes notes. It does this so it can add whatever programs you installed in the XP environment, in the Win7 start menu as well, along with the necessary commands to trigger running those programs through the VM.

The above snapshot shows how a application installed in Windows XP mode of Windows 7 will look like while running.

Now talking about the availability of this feature, this feature will be available for Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional editions as a downloadable update. The update includes a virtual Windows XP SP3 image.
Indeed a great feature to use !!!


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